Networks / WebPortals

Baltic Sea Portal
The aim of the Portal is to be the main site of reference with regard to Baltic Sea regional information on events, news, ongoing activities and background information.

Baltic Sea Research Institute Warnemünde
A non-university research institute, dedicated to interdisciplinary marine research in coastal and marginal seas with a special emphasis on the Baltic Sea ecosystem.

Black Sea NGO Network
Regional association of NGOs joining public efforts for a healthy Black Sea and a sustainable future.

Coastal management
Source of interesting and informative websites to assist you to sustainably manage, use and research the world's coasts.

International networking organisation that works with all coastal interests to promote the exchange of ideas, information and expertise to find long term solutions to coastal problems.

CoNet CZA 21
NGO promoting a sustainable coastal zone development in the Baltic Sea Region.

Contribution to the Establishment of a European Coastal Practitioners Network

European Land–Ocean Interactions Studies. Coastal research network instigated by the Commission of the European Union.

EUCC — The Coastal Union
The largest network of coastal practitioners and experts in Europe with 2700 members and member organisations in 40 countries with the aim of promoting coastal conservation by bridging the gap between scientists, environmentalists, site managers, planners and policy makers.

The global forum on oceans, coasts and islands
International Conference on Coastal Engineering 2008 in Hamburg

aims to contribute to coastal and marine conservation in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, through improved coastal management practices and scientific and professional collaboration (networking).

Oceanographic and Marine Data & Information in Europe